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Road to Go North: She likes wine. He likes whisky

In this edition of Road to Go North, we meet Andrew Penner and Miranda Mulholland of Harrow Fair, who will be part of the second annual music festival on St. Joseph Island this weekend
Harrow Fair
Harrow Fair. Photo provided

In preparation for the second annual Go North Music Festival, SooToday reached out to the participating artists to get to know these hard working musicians a little better. And to have a little fun.

Next on our Road to Go North series, we meet Andrew Penner and Miranda Mulholland, known collectively as Harrow Fair.

What are your three favourite things about touring northern Ontario?

Butter tarts. The woods. The sky.

What are the three most important things to pack for festival season?

Sunscreen! Spf 100. Water. Instincts.  

What are three ways you battle bugs in northern Ontario?

Stay inside! Mean stares! Garlic.

What are your top three road trip listening essentials?

NPR podcasts. Sigur Ros. Radio!

What are your three favourite Ontario skinny dipping spots?

Miranda Mulholland: Bathtub
Andrew Penner: Any body of water

What are your three favourite Ontario craft brews?

MM: I like wine
AP: i like whisky!

What are your three favourite topics to read about?

MM: British detectives in sleepy villages
AP: Not the news
Cooking biographies

Besides being a musician, what are three skills you'd like to learn?

MM: Hypnotherapy
AP: Dice game, taxidermy  

The Go North Music Festival is a one-day event in Richards Landing on St. Joseph Island held this year on July 14.

Headlining the 2018 lineup is the Juno award-winning trio, Elliott Brood. Also featured are the Fast Romantics, Shred Kelly, the Andrew Parkhouse Band, Jackpine, Ambre Mclean, Harrow Fair, and Andy Chillman.

Other festival highlights include food vendors, locally-crafted beer, and local artisans and producers. In addition to the main stage, there will be activities for kids and a kids stage with performances by the main stage acts (kids 12 and under are admitted to the festival free).

Overnight camping will again be available for tents and trailers and will feature the ‘camp stage’ after hours led by Andy Chillman.

For ticket information, please click here.

Full festival details can be found here.