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Open audition for It's a Wonderful Life coming soon

The Algoma Repertory Theatre is looking to cast residents of Bedford Falls for their Christmas production
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Algoma Repertory Theatre is holding open auditions for their Christmas production of It's a Wonderful Life.

The open audition for the townsfolk of Bedford Falls will be held at Elite Dance Force, 477 Queen Street East, on Sunday Oct. 2,  at 1 p.m.

It’s a Wonderful Life – the Radio Play by Joe Landry is based on the classic holiday movie.

This will be staged as a radio play so actors are encouraged to build up voices, personas, and characters for a multitude of Bedford Falls residents.

The production is also looking for sound effect technicians, so anyone who can recreate the sound of ice cracking, a door shutting, phones ringing, and cars driving, all in real time and on stage, is encouraged to come out.

Tickets will be available for the show in early October.

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