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New Roberta Bondar photography exhibit opens at Art Gallery of Algoma Thursday

'Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada,' opens at the Art Gallery of Algoma (AGA) on October 5
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Seeing earth from NASA Space Shuttle Discovery in 1992 changed Roberta Bondar's view of earth forever. Frank Giorno for TimminsToday



A unique, new travelling exhibition, Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada, opens at the Art Gallery of Algoma (AGA) on Oct. 5, 2017.

The exhibition, circulated by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, has been curated to honour the 25th anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s space mission. It features 25 oversized fine art photographs of the Canadian landscape from sea to sea to sea.

“My view from the spacecraft Discovery 25 years ago, forever changed my view of Earth, and it was on that flight that I committed to protect this magnificent planet,” says Dr. Bondar, whose foundation is committed to connecting people to nature through photography in order to promote good health and protect the planet.

Dr. Bondar is not only Canada’s first woman and the world’s first neurologist in space, she is also an award-winning photographer, who photographed each of Canada’s National Parks for the book Passionate Vision – Discovering Canada’s National Parks.

The exhibition is part of a northern Ontario tour by Dr. Bondar.

The tour in the Sault is produced in partnership with the Algoma Fall Festival and the Art Gallery of Algoma and is part of Ontario’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

The exhibition’s photographic portraits are artistic interpretations of the unique and important landscape that is Canada. The collection is a consistent view of one artist, Dr. Roberta Bondar, explores the varied landscape in the singular light that is Canada’s.

No other photographer or astronaut who possesses the unique combination of her expertise as a scientist, researcher, medical doctor, neurologist and professional photographer has explored this land with a camera. Her images cultivate a sense of awe, pride, respect and understanding of the natural beauty, biodiversity and sustainability of our nation. Her strength comes from her unique fusion of art and science.

“We are pleased to host this wonderful exhibition of photographs by Dr. Roberta Bondar in partnership with The Roberta Bondar Foundation and the Algoma Fall Festival. Dr. Bondar’s photographs are stunning, they capture the perfect moment when the light and the colours are aligned to highlight the natural beauty of Canadian landscape” says Jasmina Jovanovic, executive  director, AGA.

“Ontario’s 150th anniversary is an opportunity for people to recognize and celebrate the incredible resources our province offers,” says Eleanor McMahon, Ontario minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “Under the leadership of Dr. Bondar and Science North, the exhibition - Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada, Earth Matters and the Ontario150 Bondar Challenge will engage and help people connect with our natural world in an inspiring and impactful way.”

Visitors can experience Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada at the AGA until Oct. 31.

About Art Gallery of Algoma

The AGA is a public art gallery serving the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Region and northern Michigan.

Incorporated on July 7, 1975 as a result of tireless work by a group of dedicated volunteers and arts enthusiasts, the AGA honours its roots as a community organization with its mission celebrating culture, educating visitors and enriching lives through the visual art. The AGA’s vision is to be a premiere visual arts institution in northern Ontario, gaining national recognition and international partnerships.

Over the last 42 years, the AGA developed a significant permanent collection of approximately 5,000 artworks. The focus of the collection is Canadian art with some examples of American and European art. Many well-known artists are represented in the collection such as Group of Seven, Jack Bush, Tom Hodgson, William Ronald, William Armstrong, Aganetha Dyck, Edward Zelenak, John Hartman, Emily Carr, Roberta Bondar to mention just a few.

For more information, visit the gallery's website.

About the Roberta Bondar Foundation

The Roberta Bondar Foundation's mission is to build healthier lives by protecting the natural heritage of our planet. By connecting people to nature through photography, the foundation aims to promote good health while protecting the planet. Programs include nature photography programs for youth, traveling exhibitions on biodiversity for all generations, research and a speaker’s series by Dr. Bondar.

For more information, please visit the foundation's website.

About Ontario150

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Ontario as a province. To recognize this historically significant year, the government has launched Ontario150, a year-long commemoration that is honouring the province’s past, showcasing the present and inspiring future generations. Through the Ontario150 grant programs and a series of signature initiatives, Ontario is engaging youth, encouraging cultural expression, promoting participation in sport and recreation, and creating economic opportunities across the province.

Visit the website or share #Ontario150.