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Loplops hosts a happy-sad night with The Din

It will be a combination CD release celebration and farewell gig
The Din
The Din. Source: Facebook

Mike Haggith, Tammy Hill, and Brandan Glew – known collectively as The Din – are set to present a happy-sad performance on Saturday, Oct. 21 at Loplops. Happy because the trio will be celebrating the release of a brand-spankin’ new album of original material. Sad because it will be the band’s final show.

“We’re going to make this last show a big thing, and release the album in a limited print as a farewell thank-you present for everybody who has stuck around with us,” Haggith told SooToday. “We’ve only been going for two years, but the support has been incredible.”

Although relatively short-lived, the band took full advantage of every opportunity that presented itself, performing anything everything from free fundraising and community events to area festivals and rock showcases.

“Every time we play, we meet somebody new who hasn’t seen us perform yet. Or every event we’d play, it was a totally different crowd,” said Haggith. “Doing that raises the band’s awareness and presence in the community.”

The end of The Din isn’t due to creative differences or any internal band strife, Haggith said.

“It’s time to move on to bigger and different things. I wouldn’t say better things because this is something that we really love, but it’s just time to move on to the next thing,” he explained.

Only 50 copies of The Din’s second studio album will be available to the public and they’ll be on hand at the Oct. 21 farewell gig at Loplops. Doors open that night at 9:30 p.m. You must be 19 or older to attend.