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Local doc set to release second pandemic related novella

'A Covid Odyssey – Second Wave' sees the protagonist uncovers a dying father’s potential cure for COVID-19
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Dr. Graham Elder. Photo submitted

Dr. Graham Elder isn’t one to waste a lot of time. In June of last year, the local physician released a novella called A Covid Odyssey. He is currently in the final stages of completing the follow-up sequel.

For Elder, who has been seriously writing fiction for about five years, the subject matter of the novella and the subsequent sequel was a complete turnaround from what he had been writing about.

“That novella really led me back to my roots in medicine. A Covid Odyssey was a medical thriller and a hero’s journey about love and resilience in a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Elder, who recognized that he was touching on a very controversial subject matter.

“When I was writing that novella, COVID was still in the early stages of our understanding and new information was coming out almost daily. I realized that that particular piece of writing really was a rare snapshot of where we were at that time in history."

Despite the seriousness of the underlining subject matter, the novella was meant to be “fun escapism” and to be a break from the harsh reality of the pandemic. When the seeds of the forthcoming sequel A Covid Odyssey – Second Wave were germinating in Elder’s imagination, the impact and our collective understanding of the pandemic was still evolving.

“It seemed like an obvious choice to consider the impact of a second wave, which we appear to be in the middle of.”

Second Wave focuses on another journey for same protagonist from the original novella, Dr. Mark Spencer. This time Spencer has to uncover a dying father’s potential cure for COVID-19.

Below is an excerpt from the ‘back cover’ of the forthcoming book:

Dr. Mark Spencer’s life has finally returned to some degree of pandemic normalcy when he receives a heart-breaking phone call from his mother: his estranged father, a well-known virologist living in England, has COVID and is being admitted to hospital.

"That same day, a letter arrives in the mailbox claiming that his father has discovered a cure for COVID-19, but that, for reasons unclear, Mark must come to England to retrieve it.”

A Covid Odyssey – Second Wave is expected to be released in April 6, 2021.

A Covid Odyssey is available in paperback on Amazon as well as in Epub format everywhere Epub books are sold (Amazon, Kobo, Apple books, Barnes and Noble). To read more about Graham Elder’s writing, visit here.