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Knights of Valour returning to Laird

Nothing is staged and anything can happen. This is a full contact jousting tournament

It's time to helm up and charge on! Knights of Valour Extreme Jousting is returning to the Laird Fairgrounds on Friday, May 25 at 7 p.m. Gates will open one hour in advance of show for ticket purchases. Knights of Valour will present a jousting tournament which will include a traditional skills competition.

Joining the Knights of Valour will be Birds of Prey, Zoltan The Adequate, Kobbler Jay, the Gypsy Princess and new this year is the addition of magician Captain Thom Bedlam. Knights of Valour were featured on History Channel's Full Metal Joust and tour throughout North America performing at Canadian Fairs and Exhibitions and State Fairs in the United States. Many of the horses in the performance are rescued Percherons.

Nothing is staged and anything can happen. This is a full contact jousting tournament. Sudburians will be able to cheer for their favourite Knight including Sudbury's own TJ Duquette. Zoltan the Adequate is a consummate street entertainer, performing bizarre geek magic tempered with more traditional magic trappings. The character of Zoltan the Adequate is set in the English Renaissance, with appropriate costumes, language, and equipment.

The Zoltan show is perfect for any period or themed event from the 1300s right up to the 1700's. Be it indoor or outdoor, small group or large, genteel or coarse, the Zoltan show is flexible, adaptable, malleable and goes great with any side dish. The Gypsy Princess has entertained audiences on the grandest stages in Las Vegas, and has danced on stages around the world. As a classically trained dancer she is capable of a multitude of styles and technique that is sure to delight both royalty and peasant alike. As she brings her unique and captivating energy to the world of the medieval, watch and enjoy as she moves and tells a story through dance.

This new chapter of merriment and dancing with the Knights of Valour will be a jewel in the evening's entertainment. Kobbler Jay has the energy of ten puppies - with none of the mess. He performs the fastest and most furious apple juggling routine you are ever likely to see, and can crack a witty joke while juggling flaming torches. Take all of that and combine it with his talent for tossing knives atop a terrifying tower of tables treacherously teetering on a tube and you end up with a show that you simply cannot miss!” Birds of Prey free flight bird demonstrations will be performed by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy. Audiences will be thrilled as hawks, eagles and owls fly over head. Beware of the turkey vulture.

Captain Thom Bedlam, is known as the Wizard of Odd and has performed for fairs and exhibitions and circuses around the world. He combines music with his own bizarre twists into a fun and fantastic performance. His motto is laugh first, ask questions later.

The event goes rain or shine. Guests can bring their own lawn chair for the event. General admission tickets are on sale now at and are $15 adults, $10 for children 5 to 12 and free for children 4 and under. Advance ticket sales are encouraged at, although tickets can be purchased at the gate. For more information please call 705-918-2601.