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Kids take to the aisles during sold-out Mini Pop performance (7 photos)

Avery Da Cunha and fellow Mini Pop Kids performers wowed the crowd at a sold-out show at Sault Ste. Marie Community Theatre

Avery Da Cunha, along with four other members of the Mini Pop Kids group, had children dancing in the aisles and their parents clapping their hands during a sold-out show at the Sault Community Theatre Centre Saturday, the Sault the latest stop in the Mini Pop Kids 2020 Bright Lights Tour.

At one point during Saturday’s show, Da Cunha told members of the local audience they’re the best the Mini Pops have performed for so far during their current North American tour.

“This is a really good audience. They’re so energetic. Smaller cities are so much more loving and have more fun,” Da Cunha said, speaking to SooToday between sets.

“For me, this is my second year doing this. I toured across Canada last year as well, but this is my first time in Sault Ste. Marie."

For Mississauga’s Da Cunha, a 14-year-old Grade 9 student, performing with fellow teens in the Mini Pop Kids tour is a step toward her dream of a career in show business.

“I’ve been singing since I was eight. It’s such a cool experience (performing on stage). This is very unique.”

“I’m sure hoping (for a show business career),” Da Cunha said.

“I definitely love musical theatre. That’s where I’m hoping to go after this. I want to always be performing. That’s my passion. That’s my dream.”

“‘Never Really Over’ (a Katy Perry song) is a really fun number to do. If I could narrow it down to who my favourite artist is, it would be Ariana Grande. I love her voice. She’s such an incredible singer, a really awesome singer. We cover a few of her songs,” Da Cunha said.

Da Cunha is one of nine teens in the Mini Pop Kids lineup, thrilling young audiences across the continent, singing and dancing their way through popular tunes.

The group usually has all nine of its members perform together in shows held in the Greater Toronto Area, where each of its members are from.

What about school? 

Da Cunha, a Grade 9 student, said “we try to schedule shows on weekends. We left on Friday to do the show today and we’ll be back to school for Monday, so we only really miss half days on Fridays. If we miss anything our teachers just give us the work and we catch up. We do our best to do well in school because that’s our first priority right now.” 

The Mini Pop Kids Bright Lights Tour began Dec. 28 in London, Ont. and wraps up July 4 in Niagara Falls, Ont.  


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