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Keepin' it cool is hard when you have a new album to celebrate

K.I.C.K. (Keep It Cool Kids) invite you to join them as they commemorate its debut release
K.I.C.K - Facebook
K.I.C.K. (Keep It Cool Kids) Source: Facebook

Simon Shearsby, Aaron Dunn, Kevin D'Orazio, and Tyson Letang have a pretty big weekend ahead of them. The four lads, known collectively as K.I.C.K. (Keep It Cool Kids), are hosting a party and the whole city is invited as the band celebrates the release of its long-awaited self-titled debut release Saturday night at Loplops.

Recorded and produced by Dustin Jones at Mission Control, the record was always a consideration but never became a reality until Kevin D'Orazio joined the band and gigs became more regular.

“We definitely had thought about recording plenty of times, but we really just didn’t know where to start. It was huge that Dustin picked us like that,” Letang told SooToday.

“He worked with us. It wasn’t a ‘whatever he says goes situation’. He would suggest things and we would either go with it or not. He was really easy to work with.”  

Not only did Jones step in to produce the album, but he and Tidal Records also produced K.I.C.K.’s first official music video for the single Silently Screaming. The video was directed by fellow Saultite Brendan Garlick.

“The idea for the whole video was to introduce us as individuals and musicians but kind of give those who don’t know us a little bit of insight into our lives,” Letang said.

That single, and much much more is on deck for Saturday’s album release celebration. Music begins at 9 p.m. with opening sets from Electric Church and The Crossroad Magdalenes.

Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at Case’s Music. But word on the street is the show is nearly sold out. Crank Sound Distribution is providing production for the show.

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