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It's okay to say 'cancer' (3 photos)

It's also okay to laugh at it

Saturday evening at the Water Tower Inn, Canadian comedian Robin Duke let her Algoma Fall Festival audience know that it’s okay to say “cancer.” It’s okay to talk about it, it’s okay to ask about it, and it’s especially okay to laugh about it.

“It’s a heavy subject, but I think we can find humour in it, we can find the light in it,” Duke told SooToday during a recent phone interview, which can be read here.

Duke’s new one-woman show, I’ve Been Hacked, chronicles her personal journey through breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. Utilizing her undeniable wit, a cast of interesting characters, and a few songs for good measure, Duke was accompanied on stage by Rough Trade’s Kevan Staples on piano and moral support.

The Algoma Fall Festival continues tonight with a performance by Serena Ryder at the Sault Community Theatre Centre. Other upcoming presentations include Riverboat Coffee House: The Yorkville Scene, a Soulpepper production on Oct. 21; Step and Square with Mairi Rankin and Wendy MacIsaac on Oct. 26; and Beolach on Oct. 28.

For more information about these and all other Algoma Fall Festival performances, please click here.