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Haus of Gore returns for Scarlet Affair, year two

February 16 fundraiser for HARP features drag queens and kings from both sides of the border
2017-09-16 Paris Gore JK
William Armstrong as Paris Gore. Jeff Klassen/SooToday

Nearly 40 years ago, divisive politics stood in the way of the fight against HIV. Now, despite once again living in tumultuous political times, the Haus of Gore refuses to let that be a barrier.

Please join them Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Canadian Motor Hotel for the second annual Scarlet Affair, a charity show to raise money for HARP, the HIV/AIDS Resource Program at the Group Health Centre.

Hosted by the 2018 Queen of Halloween Adrian Loonsfoot as ‘It’s Just Crystal’, the reigning Amore Queen and 2019 Queen of Halloween Elisa Creedon as ‘Gemini Gore’, and William Armstrong as ‘Paris Gore’, who began her drag career in Toronto, Ont., and whom the house has nicknamed the Mother of Halloween.

The show features performances from several drag queens and kings from both sides of the international border as well as local burlesque dancer Shauna Hamilton as Lou Lou Legs, and special guest stars from the drag scene in Kingston, Ont., queens Lily Devine and Ophelia Cummings-Devine.

Though the house is no stranger to charity shows, with It’s Just Crystal having donated tips from a performance to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and the house’s effervescent Drag King, Cathy North as Leo Del Crooner having done the same to support rescue efforts in her birthplace of Puerto Rico, the fight against HIV is a cause especially close to the house’s hearts. Armstrong was diagnosed HIV+ in 2012 while living in Toronto, Ont. Becoming a drag queen was his flippant response to the virus.

Says It’s Just Crystal, "We do the Scarlet Affair every year to raise awareness for those who have suffered or are suffering with HIV, but that’s just a blanket statement that most people use whenever they talk about a charity event. This show means so much more to me than just doing a good deed, as my best friend Paris Gore is currently afflicted with the virus. If it wasn’t for this show last year, as well as getting to know Paris from other shows we’ve done together, I wouldn’t view HIV as I do now. I thank the universe every day that I met her. I’ve learned so much from her and by watching her that I view all kinds of things differently now, which is for the better. HIV isn’t a death sentence anymore and Paris proves that every day. That’s why we should donate to causes like this, because of people like Paris. If not for the support the LGBT community has given to the fight against HIV for the past generation, people like her wouldn’t make it as far in life, and wouldn’t be here to bless others with their kindness and love. And trust me this world could use a lot more love and kindness." 

A glance at the Haus of Gore speaks volumes on the unity of people with a common goal.

Consisting of Canadians and Americans, Indigenous peoples and Puerto Ricans, along with every letter of the LGBT acronym, the house is a microcosm for what society could be.

Says Leo Del Crooner, "I love the Haus of Gore because we have every part of the LGBT+ represented. We have gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans, pan, gender-fluid, gender queer, non-binary; all colours of the rainbow. I also think it's fantastic how we're an international house from both of the twin Saults. We love to share our cultural differences too, from Canadian currency to Native jokes or even sharing Puerto Rican food that I love to make for my friends. We all learn from each other and it's an awesome mix of chaos!"

Get your advance tickets for Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Canadian Motor Hotel! The Haus of Gore played to a full house last July during Pridefest.

Tickets are $10 and are available at both Amore, For Your Pleasure locations, Shabby Motley, and on the US side by contacting Adrian Crystal Loonsfoot on Facebook.


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