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Celebrating 20 years of music and friendship (17 photos)

The Inner City Surfers hosted an anniversary show at Loplops Saturday night

Loplops was packed Saturday night for a much-anticipated Sault band reunion-meets-anniversary show. The Inner City Surfers hosted the one-off performance to mark the band’s 20th anniversary. It was also their first live show in almost a decade.

Being a little older and even less wiser had no impact on the notorious foursome’s ability as Dustin Jones, Mikey Hawdon, Dave Bahun and Brad Lacell played as though no time had passed at all.

“The music will be the same and the energy will be exactly the same,” Jones told SooToday’s James Hopkin during an earlier interview.

“Will we play naked? Nope, I don’t think so. Little too old to be pulling that stuff off, I think,” he joked.

Jones clearly underestimated his bandmate as, despite a number of health and mobility limitations, Lacell managed to end up wearing nothing but socks and boots by the end of the night.

“As much as I’m happy to be here, I really haven’t missed this view,” Hawdon observed from behind the drum kit, averting his gaze from Lacell’s backside.

Some things really never change.