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Beòlach wrap up Algoma Fall Festival (11 photos)

From step-dancing, breast cancer humour, and Canadian 'classics' - expect more exciting and diverse performances next year says festival executive director

Cape Breton's Beòlach performed their own brand of East Coat music at The Machine Shop Saturday evening.

Their performance included fiddle, highland pipes, piano, guitar, banjo, flute, and step-dancing.

The show was the last performance of this year's Algoma Fall Festival. 

Executive Director Donnna Hilsinger commented on this year's festival: 

"The turnout’s been great. We had a very diverse program. It was great to see people perhaps coming out to see something they might not normally have. For example, to come and hear Robin Dukes show about her experience with breast cancer. Almost 100 people came out Thursday to learn to step and square dance with Mairi Rankin and Wendy MacIsaac — something we’ve never done before but it was clear from that audience that we should do more of that. We had the classics of Canada like Syliva Tyson and the new classics like Serena Ryder which was a nearly sold old concert. Very very good feedback from that. People had a lot of fun with Chuck Hughes. It was a great great season. We had good audiences and we look forward to planning a program that will be as equally as exciting and diverse for a out 46th season (next year)."