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Planned production stoppage at Tenaris avoided

The production stoppage was scheduled to happen as a result of an expected delay in the shipment of raw materials
Tenaris Algoma Tubes file photo. Darren Taylor/SooToday

An originally planned one-week production stoppage at Tenaris Algoma Tubes locally has been avoided.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Tenaris announced that the stoppage, which was set to begin on April 12 due to a delay in the shipment of raw materials, will not take place.

The Facebook post said in part “TenarisAlgomaTubes will not be implementing a one-week stoppage of activities as we will receive the raw materials needed to produce our pipe this week.”

The news came from Tenaris Operations Senior Director Gianluca Greco.

Earlier this month, Tenaris senior communications director Guinevere Basnight confirmed to SooToday that the stoppage was happening due to “a delay in the shipment of steel billets, the raw material needed to produce our pipes, due to a supply issue beyond Tenaris’s control.”

Workers had been informed of the production stoppage on March 12.

The stoppage would have led to a large number of production team workers being laid off during the week as a result.