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LETTER: Reader shares decision to be a foster parent

'I have actually learned more from fostering than I did being a parent' says reader
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SooToday received the following letter to the editor from Patty Frost about how being a foster parent helped her help others.

I’m sure some have seen the recent Nogdawindamin commercial on television for foster parents. I am one of those parents and find it very rewarding.

Whenever I would drive down Frontenac Street I would see the sign “Foster Parents Needed. Call 705-946-3700.” One day I took down the number and when I got home, I called.

I am retired, my kids are raised, and I have an extra bedroom and I thought, “I could do this.”

I had a home visit from Will, who was a worker at NOG (Nogdawindamin).

He sat and explained what NOG was all about Together, we completed the necessary paperwork. We discussed the age and what type of children I would be comfortable with. I love babies and little ones, but having arthritis, I knew what my limits were.

At first, I was fostering children 10 and over, but now I am fostering teens as I enjoy them the most.

I do not do 24/7, but respite (short periods) fostering. Mostly just a weekend, but occasionally for longer periods.

Respite is usually when the foster parents have a commitment and cannot take the foster child and I do have some that come for a weekend for a change and a visit.

NOG tries to match the child to the foster parent(s) and I have been lucky to have terrific kids. Some even still pop in for a visit even though they have graduated and are now working. The greatest compliment I get was, “You always showed you cared.”

I am now 70 and still enjoying spending time with these teens.

Times have changed since my childhood and even the childhood of my kids and I try and keep up with this new generation. Of course, having grandkids has helped.

Each generation has its own situation and I would not like to be a teen today. Watching my grandteens and fostering has made me appreciative of what I did have. I have actually learned more from fostering than I did being a parent.

Children do not ask to put in foster care and the reasons vary greatly as they do for CAS. There needs to be someone who cares and helps children through this trying time.

I am proud to be part of this organization and if had it all over to do, I would in a heartbeat.

– Patty Frost