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LETTER: Government money for private companies too much

Following the latest announcement of $21 million going to Huron Central Railway as infrastructure funding, one reader feels like government money going to private businesses is getting out of hand
Project stakeholders of Huron Central Railway's $31.5-million infrastructure rehabilitation project were on hand in Sault Ste. Marie to formally announce funding commitments from the federal and provincial governments.

SooToday received the following letter sent to Sault MP Terry Sheehan and MPP Ross Romano regarding government money given to private companies.

Good morning Terry and Ross

These government hand-outs to private companies continue to drive me crazy!

These smaller (less profitable) lines get separated from their profitable parents and the taxpayer gets blackmailed into funding the maintenance costs of their branch lines.

For years I have asked that the public become a shareholder for their (in this case $21M) investment or that we "re-nationalize" the railway system.


Peter McLarty