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Future esthetician offers pampering for people and pups

"JoyScentials", founded and run by 10-year-old Kassidy Gioia, has everything from hand sanitizer for people to donuts for dogs

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for one place where you could pamper yourself and your pet, 10-year-old Kassidy Gioia has you covered. The Grade 5 Anna McCrea student has started her own home business called “JoyScentials”, where she sells homemade beauty products as well as homemade dog treats. 

“My goal is to make natural and safe products for everyone. You and your fur babies are going to love how they taste, smell, and feel,” her website reads. 

Her other goal is to help animals by donating 10% of her sales to the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society. 

“She wanted to start raising some money for the humane society,” said Sonia Gioia, Kassidy’s mother. “She loves animals and loves visiting the humane society. She also loves beauty products. So we thought this would be a good way to raise some money and show her some business and life skills.”

“She has a huge heart and she’s super passionate about animals. If she sees an animal walking along the road by itself she gets so upset and wants to rescue them and make sure they’re okay. She just wants to help out,” she said. 

Gioia started “JoyScentials” last fall, and the business has gained momentum since then, with over $400 worth of sales in the last few months. She does most of the work, with her mom helping out in the quality control department. 

All of her products are made from scratch using simple and natural ingredients. She offers lotions, hand soaps, bar soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, lip balms, hand sanitizer, and more. As for dog treats, she offers unique creations such as “Pumpkin Oat and Honey Donuts”, “Pumpkin Crumble Delight”, "Peanut Butter Bites” and more. She also offers gift sets that include a little bit of everything. 

Kassidy’s mom, Sonia, had cancer but has since recovered and is now doing well. She said that is one of the reasons why Kassidy wants to promote using all-natural products to keep her family as well others safe.  

“She’s doing quite well, people are really loving the dog treats. The beauty products are slowly gaining momentum as well,” Sonia said. 

“I’m so proud of her. I’m excited that she’s really into this business. I love that we can spend time together and that she has something to do during the lockdown,” she said. “It’s good that she’s so passionate about something, finding her niche and something that she loves to do.” 

As of right now, Gioia wants to be an esthetician and continue making beauty products when she grows up.