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In loving memory of a very special mother who passed away July 22, 2007 One in a million, that, Mother, was you. Loved by your family, friends and all you knew, We miss your love and affectionate ways; With you we spent our happiest days. In memory we see you the same; As long as we live, we'll cherish your name. A million times I've needed you A million times I've cried, If love could have saved you You never would have died. Forever missed, Forever treasured, Loving you always and forever. Best Mom and Nana! It's hard to believe 14 years has passed. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you or mention your name. I love you MOM and want you back. xoxoxoxoxo - All our love, George, Berlyn, Chase, Dawson, Brystyl, Lesley, Damon, Hayley-May (your angel right beside you), Jamey and Cruz.