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August 20, 1962 - January 15, 2001


When you were here the world seemed so bright
with little boys giggling as we danced in the night
When you were here, our baby girl just arrived
in time for you to know her, and hope was revived
When you were here, it wasn't a thought
that soon you'd be gone no matter how hard you fought
The world as I knew it tumbled and spun; things became broken - I thought I was done
20 years on, how the world slowly changes
crisp winter mornings now met with happy exchanges
Once again the sun is so bright, and the effort put in has made life once again right
It's funny how time hasn't faded the sound of your voice
that lives in my mind, maybe somehow by choice
whatever the reason, I listen and smile
content in believing you've been here all the while
"it's your love"

Catherine 2021