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July 24 1936- May 16 2015

Six years ago today, we had to say goodbye to the greatest man we have ever known, our father.
We watched you slip away with broken hearts and endless tears, but we will never forget the little smile on your face as you did. You were home again.
We could not begrudge you for choosing to leave the pain and suffering behind to be back in the arms of Mummy and so many gone before you.
Daddy, we were so lucky to have you for a father.
You had the kindest eyes, the sweetest little chuckle and could answer any geography question without blinking an eye.
You were honest, hardworking ,and loved us with all you had.
You were simply the best.
To know you was to love you.
We miss you Daddy.
Every minute of every day.
With love and infinite devotion,
Your kids,
Frank, Nadia, Ricky and Ivana and families