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KIT, Josephine 1914-2019

Josephine (Baba, Mom, Aunty Josephine, Fini, Jo) lived a long life and was gifted with good health until her last couple years, but by then she was beyond a century old!! She loved to keep up with her large extended family, she was one of 9 and her oldest sister had 13 children. Her husband had 5 siblings, so there were a lot of people to keep up with. Saturday mornings the phone lines in her house were always on fire!
After 60 plus years in Smooth Rock Falls and a handful of years after her husband of 61 years passed she was ready to move closer to family.
She was born on March 23, 1914 and passed away on January 20, 2019, such a long and wonderful life she led, the things she saw and lived through had to be incredible.
She was an anchor in the family and her presence is missed. I feel honoured to have lived almost 47 years and still have a living grandparent. We think about her a lot and her memory stays alive in our sharing of memories and stories about that time we did this or do you remember when she said that??!!