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In Loving Memory of McKenna Case



June 4th, one of the most heartbreaking days of our entire lives, when we lost our sweet girl, McKenna Case, just 3 years ago.

Today and everyday, we remember her infectious giggle, her sarcastic wit, and her most beautiful smile. Kenna had an entire lifetime ahead of her, and she’s missed so much every single day. There’s no words to express the pain of knowing she’s gone, but we can’t wait to see her again one day soon.

Shortly after Kenna’s passing, she greeted our loving and devoted father and husband into the sky with her. Our hearts break without the two of them on earth with us here, but their energy is felt through us each day we continue on, for them, and in their honour.

“I hope this grief stays with me, because it’s all of the unexpressed love I didn’t get to tell her.”

We will always be The Cases, 5Ever.

In McKenna’s memory, we continue the McKenna Case Bursary to support a graduating student from Superior Heights C.&V.S, where the three Case sisters attended high school. Her Bursary is given to a student attending College or University in a program that focuses on Mental Heath, Well-Being and/or Addictions. If you would like to donate, you can e-transfer

We encourage our community in Sault Ste. Marie to spread kindness, hope and support to those that may be struggling. Reach out, remind someone you love them and hold your friends and family close.