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We know you are enjoying your favorite things, sailing your boat ‘Euphoria’ on Okanagan Lake, enjoying the Cuban beaches, sharing childhood adventure stories of Cape Town and watching over all of us from above.
You were and are a son, brother, father, grandfather, uncle and life-long friend to so many.
Others will remember you from Esquire Honda or Laird Imports Automotive or how you used your renovation skills to bring life back into the Yellow House in Echo Bay. You chose the bright yellow, some were skeptical, but it is still a wonderful sight.
We wrote your name on our hearts that day, May 18, and forever it will stay. Your soul will forever be present in the eyes of your children and grandchildren.

Sandra, Megan (Joel), Sarah (Josh), Tony(Vanessa) & Brett, and your beautiful grandchildren Jeremy, Olivia, Myra Sue and Arabelle