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GIL, Eleonora

Aug 12, 1924-Nov 21, 2016

Dearest Mamusia,
Can't believe it's been a year
Miss you so, and all that made You, You.
Your excitement and enthusiasm for life, always
Your unfaltering and ever so strong Faith in God, always
Your sincere Gratitude for all Your Blessings, always
Your respect for all things great and small, always
Your eagerness for knowledge, always
Your never failing love and devotion for your children and family, always
Your hugs, generous with love and warmth and security, always
Your fierce determination to do and be your best, always.
Until the hands of time stopped ticking,
Your hardworking, strong, very capable and yet so gentle hands, silently at rest
Your loving, generous, compassionate, thoughtful and always forgiving heart, silently at rest.
We are forever grateful,
You remain in our hearts always and forever,
Till we meet again