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On March 29th it will be 3 years since we lost our Father. We miss you every day and love you with all our hearts.

Not Enough Time

By Kelly Roper

The time we had, Dad,
Wasn't nearly enough
To pack in an entire
Lifetime of love.

There are so many questions
That I need answers to,
But now that you're gone
There's no way to ask you.

But there are still photos
To remember you by,
Each time I look at them,
I still want to cry.

They say grief is easier
to bear as time goes by,
But the doesn't stop me
from wondering why?

Why my dear, sweet dad
Was taken so soon,
When he was my guiding star,
My sun and my moon.

There are no answers
To a question like this,
So I'll cherish your memory,
And mourn the years we'll miss.

Love always Squirt, Stacey, Justin

We miss you Papa every Day.

Love Meghan, Cameryn, Cassi, Cole, Logan, Hunter, Griffin