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BOURCK-FAVARO, Harley-Quinn Natalie Jean Marie



Its been 3 years since i gave birth to the most beautiful angel i named Harley - Quinn . I miss you more than last year and i may miss you more or less the next but i do know this years been hard for me . You were born at 7pounds 3 0z leaving hosp at not even 70% oxegen 21 inches long and yes never got to use your legs I see your sister Haylie Cataleya (columbian orchid be get you weekly) MAJIXX (your auntie Krystal Hart) Quinn (for you harley)....she runs and can breath and is full of life I wish i had that for you now still . Yoiur mommys sunshine you were my first daughter and my pride and joy. You actually looked like me lol You were everything to me and when you left us that morning in your basinette at home it was the worst feeling iv ever had ... but again i try to celebrte your life the life you did have here the 23 days you spent with mommy and i never left your side once from the recovery tabel to your funeral. Ill always miss you and ill always love you i wish i could hold you again just once or even see what you would have turned out to look like and be . I am sure beautiful like Erin and as smart as well. As brave and out spoken as Melanie . As bright shining as your little sister is (shes nutts). As careing loveing genuine and smart as Nana and as loyal and strong and cuddly as your nono was. I hope hes taught you alot as he did me and ill see you one day all of you nd thank you for taking care of my baby girl that myself , Kain daddy, Nygel brother, Haylie sister, Krystal and Travis uncle and auntie, Mya and Mish auntie and cousin, Erin and MElanie cousins, Dan uncle, Pam auntie, and many more! you have hit us all in our hearts and i love you to death.Ill see you soon my Harley girl ! much much love Mommy. oxoxox