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In loving memory of a dear father and Poppy who left us 25 years ago on Sept. 22, 1996. Your legacy will never be forgotten.

It all began with family
And ended with a legacy

He didn’t have much to give you
In the way of worldly goods
Yet, he left behind a treasure
He hoped you understood

With a shake of his hand
And a look in his eye
His word stood for something
No Man could deny

The lessons that he taught you
Should you need a second look
Are stored in your heart, child
You won’t find them in a book

So stand up for what you believe in
And fight for what is right
Keep your work and your promises
And what’s important clearly in sight

Follow your heart, but remember
To be thoughtful of your mind
Because your intuition will warn you
When things are out of line

But most of all remember
How much you meant to him
And the light of your father’s memory
Will never flicker dim….

Loving you always and never forgotten, your children - Frank, Theresa (Rick), Rose (Marchy) and Tony (Julie) and grandchildren