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Grammies Masks is helping in more ways than one

Kathy Ingram, with the help of her granddaughter, started selling homemade masks as a way to help ARCH
Kathy Ingram making homemade masks for ARCH Hospice. Photo supplied

Despite everything that has been going on this year, the people of Sault Ste. Marie seem to be putting a positive spin on things and trying to help out in every way possible. 

Kathy Ingram, 75, is making and selling homemade face masks and donating all of the proceeds to ARCH Hospice. 

With the help of her granddaughter Melissa Brown, they have created a Facebook page called Grammies Masks, where people can browse their mask designs and sizes and choose to make a purchase. 

“I used to sew a lot and I had a lot of material,” Ingram said. “My granddaughter who lives with me suggested we make masks so I said ‘why not?’. So we started and decided to make it a business and give the money to ARCH. It’s going quite well. We’ve had a lot of people buying them. People really like them and I’m having fun with it. It gives me something to do and I enjoy sewing,” she said. 

Grammies Masks, which started about three weeks ago, has raised over $600 so far for ARCH. 

“My granddaughter is in charge of running the Facebook page,” Ingram said. “She cuts out the material and I sew the masks.”

Ingram says this is her way of giving back and a way to give her purpose during this difficult time. 

“It’s just something for me to do. I thought it would be a good idea because I really support ARCH and I like what they do. Also because they mostly run on volunteers, the money will help a lot. I wanted to help out and my granddaughter and I thought it would be a good idea,” she said. 

Ingram hopes more people will check out Grammies Masks and support the hospice. 

“As long as they keep selling we’ll keep making them. I can sit here all day and do it,” she said. 

The link to their Facebook page can be found here.