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Good samaritans push cars out of snowmageddon Monday night (2 photos)

'That has been us before, and it is so much appreciated when somebody stops and gives you a push'

Josh Jansen and his wife were among the handful of good samaritans spotted pushing a number of vehicles through record breaking amounts of snow Monday night.

“It was a mess,” Jansen told SooToday. “There was tons and tons of snow, it was mushy, and anything other than a truck, the wheels were just spinning.”

“Even the slightest incline - like the intersection at East Street there by the old Mrs. B’s - almost any small car that stopped at that stop light wasn’t getting going again without a push.”

The Jansens - who own The Wine Barrel on Queen Street East - were going to push a family member’s vehicle out of a downtown parking lot when they noticed other drivers were in dire need of a push too.

The couple then proceeded to push a number of vehicles out of the heavy snow between Brock and East streets.

“We were out on foot walking, so it was easy for us just to stop and push everyone out that wasn’t moving,” Jansen said.

But Jansen can’t take all the credit for pushing people out downtown - he says that he and his wife weren’t the only ones helping drivers get going.

“There was actually also just other random folks who stopped occasionally to help push someone out too,” he said. “If they were coming down the street and they were blocked by a stuck car, they hopped out, pushed that person, and then they carried on.”

“So there was a lot of Good Samaritans out.”

Jansen told SooToday that helping out the stuck drivers downtown reminded him of being in the same situation.  

“That has been us before, and it is so much appreciated when somebody stops and gives you a push,” he said. “We have been there, and it could have just as easily been us.”

Monday saw a total of 34 centimeters in snowfall, marking the highest amount of snowfall on Jan. 7 for Sault Ste. Marie between 2013 and 2019, according to Environment Canada.


James Hopkin

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James Hopkin is a reporter for SooToday based in Sault Ste. Marie
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