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German guy flies here to accomplish water-skiing dream (2 photos)

He’s on a global mission to water-ski the world’s biggest lakes. Last week near Harmony Beach, Germany’s Michael Radtke got one step closer

His mission is to water-ski the world’s biggest lakes .

Last week, just off Harmony Beach, Germany’s Michael Radtke got one step closer to accomplish that.

Radkte was on vacation in Uganda in 2015 when he came up with his water-skiing plan after reading the book The Big Five For Life.

On that trip he water-skied Africa's Lake Victoria, the world’s third largest lake.

This year Radtke — whose home is Ketzin, Germany, near Berlin —  planned a vacation to Canada with his girlfriend to tackle the world's second biggest lake.

He started this trip on Saturday, flying in to Toronto and, before reuniting with his girlfriend in Quebec he made a solo-venture to Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday with the sole intention of getting on Lake Superior.

Radtke's Airbnb host introduced him to someone with a boat who drove him out to Harmony Beach and took him on the water. 

In one or two years, he plans to fly to Iran to water-ski on the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea (although it's called a sea, it's actually a lake).

English isn’t Radkte’s first language and he has a difficult time explaining why exactly he decided to take on this mission.

“My dream is water-skiing on the biggest lake of the world... What a man says, he does," told Radkte.

Radkte just wanted to make sure he got one message out to the locals that helped him accomplish the second step of his journey.

“Thank you Eric and Veronique,” he said.


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