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Always looking for more great stories!

Tell us your great story!
great story

To all of you who have already submitted ideas for our Great Stories section - thank you! The submissions were amazing and we will be reaching out to find out more about each of the story ideas you entered. 

We know there are still a great many stories out there!

With so many people in this community who have done amazing things in their lives, we are hoping even more of you will submit Great Stories ideas.

We are confident each one of you knows a great person with a great story. 

What are we looking for? 

  • heroes
  • philanthropists
  • innovators
  • volunteers
  • good neighbours
  • visionaries
  • donors
  • adventurers
  • veterans 
  • or anyone you think is a great person with a unique, positive story 

The stories don’t have to be new. They can be something shared from the past. Stories can be from yesterday, last year or 50 years ago — as long as the story is connected to a person in our community.  

The person can be living or not.

We just want to celebrate their story. 

Our new Great Stories page has become a time capsule of positive stories and amazing people in our community.

Submit a short summary of the person and the story you think we should highlight. Give us your name and contact information, as well as the contact for the person you want us to write about, or the best person to contact that can tell their story.

We will take care of the rest. 

Submit a "Great Story" here