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Hello Cannabis is a licensed cannabis retail company located in Sault Ste. Marie. We strive to set the standard for cannabis retail that inspires the acceptance of cannabis within our own community. At Hello Cannabis, we have built an in store atmosphere around the tenets of positivity, openness, and education. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel as welcome as you would in your own home.

At Hello Cannabis, we hold three core beliefs which we apply to everything we do.

Sell the highest quality product

Each of our products are among the highest quality which can always be sourced straight back to a licensed production facility.

Foster excellence in team members

Through our commitment to our Living Wage Certification, we foster excellence in our team members. We strive to provide necessary education and training that will help them to better develop their own skills and to serve our customers best.

Serve and support the community

Our commitment to the community we serve is second to none. Our low impact, environmentally friendly business practices seeks to keep our community beautiful. Through our support of local arts and culture via a variety of initiatives, we look forward to continually growing our local culture.