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Real Estate for me is truly a family affair and has been in my blood for most of my life! My mother was very respected in this industry before her retirement several years ago. In fact, my very first job while in high school was working as a receptionist at her Brokerage. This was back in the day when everything was done by pigeons, well on a typewriter, by hand, with carbon copies and fax machines so it may as well have been pigeons in comparison to today! Now I work with my husband Jason Sproule and we are seamless team, known around town and across the country as The J Team!

Jason and I didn't always work in Real Estate, but since we began in this field several years ago, it's all we do! Previously we owned and operated a marketing and public relations company together and before that, we both worked in large cities in the fields of marketing and design. That experience is priceless in Real Estate as we are experts in marketing, technology and sales. That means that all of our clients are receiving, not 1, but 2 uniquely experienced full-time Agents working on their behalf each and every day.

Your success in Real Estate is our success. Jason and I work at this full-time. It's how we pay our own mortgage and bills, put our son in his extra-curricular activities, take family vacations and generally, live our life! It is our job. It is our passion. We can't fail you or we fail ourselves too and that's simply not an option. You can put our passion, expertise and energy to the test and we'll demonstrate to you how we are different, how we are bolder, how we won't stop until you reach your goals!

It's easy to start your Real Estate dreams and it all starts with you reaching out to our family - The J Team!

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