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Kara Flannigan

Green Party candidate Kara Flannigan is pictured in this 2015 file photo. Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday
Kara Flannigan

Kara Flannigan offers voters in Sault Ste. Marie a chance to create a better Ontario in 2018.

Because of the Green Party’s dedication to the environment, social justice, and improving government transparency and accountability, Kara has been a supporter for many years.

Proud of Sault Ste. Marie’s commitment to become the alternative energy capital of North America, Kara believes that the Green Party is the best way forward to maintaining this commitment.

After graduating in 1987 from Ryerson University in Environmental Health, she moved to beautiful Northern Ontario to begin her work in the public health sector. Kara has been involved in her professional organization as a member of the executive for member services, and through her work on committees such as those related to food safety and communicable diseases.

Kara has been an active member and volunteer for Clean North since it began in 1989, promoting environmental protection through reduction, reuse, and recycling. She was a member for more than 10 years of the local Binational Public Advisory Council for St. Mary’s River and the International Joint Commission for the clean-up of the Great Lakes.

As a member of Zonta Club of Sault Ste Marie, Kara supports advancing the status of women through service, advocacy, fellowships, and educational programs. She is a member of the Art Gallery of Algoma, the Museum, and the Sault Ste. Marie Arts Council. She is passionate about supporting the local music and arts of the many talented people in her community and continuing to make the Sault the best place to live.

A vote for Kara is an opportunity to strengthen your vision for a healthy future.

Riding: Sault Ste. Marie
Party: Green Party