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Program Read strives to help adult learners in Sault Ste. Marie improve upon their writing, spelling, math, and basic computer literacy skills. Through our teachings, we hope to enable adults to reach their own goals including employment, apprenticeships, secondary school, and independence.

Each of the many programs we offer are absolutely free, and confidential. This Employment Ontario is funded in party by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement, along with our many generous donors.

Our learners often want help to:

  • Use a computer
  • Get a driver's license
  • Read bus route maps & schedules
  • Save money and make a budget
  • Read and find health information
  • Read a menu
  • Figure out tax on or a tip at a restaruant
  • Write emails
  • Looks online for a job or apply online for a job
  • Learn about internet safety
  • Use Facebook
  • Refresh their computer skills
  • Get better at taking tests

Program Read offers classroom training three half days each week for learners who want to find employment, and prefer to learn in a small class setting. Additionally, one-to-one tutoring is also available. Our trained tutors work individualls with adult learners in order to help them improve on their reading, writing, spelling, and basic math skills.

We welcome you to visit us, or to give us a call in order to learn more about Program Read. Our services are always free, allowing for our students to develop the skills they require whilst remaining accessible. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your life.

Our People