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Back in Motion Physiotherapy


589 Second Line East
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6B 4K2

Some services we offer include:

  • Manual Therapy

Physiotherapists are highly trained in the use of their hands to move muscles, joints and tendons.  Many of our physiotherapists are specialized in manipulative therapy and are recognized to perform the controlled act of joint and spine manipulation.

  • Verstibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness, Vertigo,  Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation
The role of the inner ear (vestibular system) is to provide our bodies with a sense of position motion and is responsible for balance and visual stability. Dysfunction of the inner ear can lead to a strong spinning sensation referred to as vertigo.
Poor balance can be caused by many factors including inner ear problems, poor vision or weakness following injury/illness.  A physiotherapist with specialized training can evaluate the source of your poor balance and provide the most effective course of treatment.

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

An important role of a physiotherapist is the prescription of appropriate exercises for a variety of medical conditions.  Following an thorough health history, interview and physical examination, a physiotherapist is able to guide you in the appropriate choice of exercises and guide the right dosage for long term recovery.  Back In Motion is also associated with Good Life Fitness club and our patient have full access to the city's most extensive exercise gym.

  • Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is an intense, but very short energy wave traveling faster than the speed of sound. There are no side effects with shockwave therapy and it can assist return to function and provide relief of many chronic conditions.

Therapy sessions are brief (usually about 20 minutes or less) and on average, it takes about 3 days for permanent relief to begin.  Most conditions require 3 to 5 sessions, one week apart.

Your insurance company will be able to inform you whether or not this type of physiotherapy treatment is covered through your plan.

Treatable conditions include:  plantar fasciitis,  achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, stress fractures, jumper's knee, calcific rotator cuff, scar tissue, non-healing ulcers.