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Originally established in 2008 in a 280 square foot facility, Noel's Place was born out of a vision of developing a one-stop-shop that offered a variety of products and services. At the core of Noel's Place was R Smokin' Store, a small convenience store and later, a fish and chips stand. 2010 saw a number of improvements to Noel's Place. A new 360 square foot facility was developed in order to accommodate the increasing demand of food services. As a brand new location for the "R" Smokin' Store, a new kitchen, restaurant, and dining room, the new facilities brought Noel's Place closer to the original vision upon which it was founded.

Now able to accommodate a total of 160 patrons in our spacious dining room, Chummy's Grill has since grown beyond belief. Noel's Place is proud to have grown so quickly with the continued support of our community.

Our People