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Volunteer Association shows appreciation for SAH staff, healthcare workers

A little thanks can go a long way
2020-08-04 Jim Aquino SAH
Jim Aquino. Photo supplied by the Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association

On Sunday, April 5, Sault Area Hospital (SAH) volunteer Jim Aquino installed a sign to let Sault Area Hospital healthcare workers know just how much SAH volunteers appreciate their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. SAH staff will see our message of appreciation at the first intersection off Great Northern Road entering SAH property.

“We are grateful for our healthcare workers. Thank you. SAH volunteers”

Jim suggested the idea to post the encouraging words after seeing similar heartfelt messages put up by youngsters in the same area.  

“That just sparked me,” Jim said. “Now let’s take off on those kids' ideas.”

We’re very grateful for everything that our healthcare workers are doing to be prepared for COVID-19 spreading in our community.

Our message of appreciation extends to everyone employed at the hospital, from the hospital’s leaders, doctors, nurses, technicians, porters, cleaners, maintenance workers and all other staff. We want all SAH healthcare workers to be aware of how thankful we are that they are going into the building, putting themselves at risk while doing their best to take care of us.

We trust that our hospital will be able to deal with our community’s needs during any surge that is experienced over the weeks to come. Our thoughts and prayers continue to include our healthcare workers!

We’re anxiously awaiting the day that we can return to our volunteer positions, assisting the community with their needs when they do need to visit the hospital.

In the meantime, we continue to spread the message to our friends, family, neighbours and others in our community to 'stay home, stay safe!'