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Universities want your help for research project on food access during the pandemic

The Institute for Sustainable Food Systems is surveying the public about food access during the pandemic in order to further its focus on the potential and reliability of regional food systems
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An inter-provincial research project already focused on sustainable food systems is turning its attention to COVID’s impact on food access. 

The Institute for Sustainable Food Systems (ISFS) is asking for help in its research into food access, concerns, and food system perceptions during the pandemic. 

The ISFS is an applied research and extension at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (BC), and its focus is on the potential of regional food systems. 

“We hope to provide evidence of the impacts of a pandemic, from a consumer’s perspective, on one of the basic human needs – food,” states the ISPS website. 

The principal investigators are Dr. Kent Mullinix (from ISFS) and Dr. Irena Knexevic (Carleton University). 

The project was designed and is being led by the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems as Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Carleton University. 

The survey can be completed in about 15 minutes and your answers will remain anonymous. 

“The main goals of this project are to advance our understanding of food access, food purchasing and consumption behaviour, and the food-related perceptions and concerns of Ontario consumers during the first wave COVID-19 pandemic,” notes the survey website. 

The resulting report from the ISFS study will be published on its website once complete. 

“This study will contribute to the ongoing discussion on the importance and urgency of transitioning into a more reliable and resilient regional food system,” states the ISFS website. 

There are surveys for BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. 

Survey questions focus on your shopping habits before and during the pandemic, and whether you have experienced or are concerned about any limits to access to food. 

You can complete the survey online here.