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Restrictions loosen at John Rhodes Community Centre

Among the current conditions are a maximum of 50 participants on each ice pad and a limit of 50 spectators per arena
20200526-John Rhodes Community Centre summer stock-DT-02
John Rhodes Community Centre file photo. Darren Taylor/SooToday

As part of the reopening plan across the province, restrictions continue to loosen at the John Rhodes Community Centre.

Under Stage 3 of the Province's reopening plan, conditions being implemented at the facility now include:

  • Amateur and recreational sports leagues may resume so long as they do not allow prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players or if they have modifications to avoid physical contact between players.
  • Participants will be limited to a maximum of 50 individuals per ice surface.
  • Spectators at all sporting events will be subject to gathering limits of 50 people per arena. Physical distancing measures with assigned and designated seating will be implemented.
  • Exhibition games are permitted in accordance with social distancing requirements.
  • Leagues must contain no more than 50 participants total. If participants in a league exceed 50, the league may divide into smaller groups of no more than 50. Players are not permitted to play against athletes outside of their league or group. 
  • In Stage 3, locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses in the facility will open. Two change rooms per team will be used to provide further distancing support. Enhanced cleaning measures will take place following each use of change rooms.
  • City employees and members of the public who enter or remain in a City facility must wear a mask or face covering. Exceptions include children under the age of two, those with respiratory or medical conditions that make it difficult to wear a mask or those who have difficulty putting a mask on themselves. Athletes participating in on-ice activities are not required to wear a mask. Refer to on-site signage and instructions.

The modifications are in place for both ice pads at the twin-pad facility.

“Various measures continue to be in place to align with recommended social distancing guidelines," Director of Community Services Brent Lamming said in a prepared statement. "Rink ambassadors continue to provide an added level of safety to educate the public and ensure compliance of the guidelines. We look forward to opening both arenas again and encourage responsible use of the facilities within the guidelines provided."