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Wine All The Time


With wine, finding a couple worth comparing is as easy as falling off a log…as long as you don’t spill, I guess. With the May 16 and 30 Vintages releases there are many interesting possibilities that invite our exploration.

First Families

“I think we’ve met before…D’Artagnan?” Etienne Hugel liked my mustache. I like his wines. Last month I attended the Primum Familiae Vini wine tasting in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum.


“Nebbia”, the Italian word for ‘fog’, has given a form of its name, Nebbiolo, to the great red grape of the Piedmont area in the north of Italy.

My Fault!

A recent article on by Master of Wine Natasha Hughes dealt with the issue of faults or flaws that sometimes show up in wine.

How About Bonarda

If nothing else, the world of wine is always changing.

Pino Grigio

Recently, a friend mentioned that the wine she regularly enjoyed was Pinot Grigio, and it got me thinking that perhaps it was time to take a closer look at what has become a fairly popular white these days, even though it doesn’t always have th

Live and Learn

When we think we know a subject very well, we can at times find ourselves comfortably repeating what we believe to be facts, but which over time may have slipped a little.

Picking and Choosing

In preparing to write this column, I began by checking out the catalogue for the next Vintages release, due out onFebruary 21.

Mid- February Celebrations

As we head into February with Valentine’s Day and Bon Soo on the near horizon, we will have lots of opportunity to celebrate with a wine.

Cycling to Spain

Well, this title is probably a little misleading, as it has nothing to do, really, with bicycles or motorcycles, but rather refers to the next Vintages release onJanuary 24 which focuses once again on Spanish wines, as was the case with the release e