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Wine All The Time

Weekend Wine: What's in a wine?

In mid-December, the National Post carried an article entitled, “Illegal Tipple”, which described how the Mohawk First Nation in Kahnawake, Quebec has itself embroiled in a legal battle with the Province and its liquor corporation, the So

Weekend Wine: Christmas and New Year's

No doubt there is still shopping to do, and no doubt there are many wonderful wines on various wish lists, but with this last column of the year, it is almost de rigueur that we consider the wines that will do justice to our holiday feasts and celebr

Weekend wine Even more for the holidays

At this time of year, it is difficult not to be thinking about choosing wines either for gifting or for enjoying throughout the season as we celebrate with our families and friends. The LCBO is certainly putting the pressure on.

Weekend wine It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As I write, we haven’t had that much of an indication that winter is on its way. The ground is far from frozen, and a few days ago I was out cutting my lawn. Christmas? Well, look in the stores.

Weekend Wine: Hybrids... And Baco Noir

This past week, I tried a bottle of 20 Bees Baco Noir from Niagara. Originally, the 20 Bees were 19 growers and a winemaker, somewhat like the co-operatives you can find in France and Italy, but in 2008 Diamond Estates Winery took ownership.

Weekend Wine: Vintage Charts

The latest Vintages catalogue, the one for the October 31 release, is chock full of wines with very good reviews, but as I was trying to decide which ones to mention in this article, I thought I would check to see whether or not the actual vintage &n

Weekend wine Negromaro

A recent article by Chris Waters recommended Farnese’s Luccarelli Negroamaro as an enjoyable inexpensive red wine.

Weekend wine Questions

I often search for news and information that might be interesting to people who enjoy wine and learning more about it.

Weekend wine: The balancing act

An interesting on-line article at , ‘How to Understand Wine’, referenced a new book from British wine merchants, Berry Brothers & Rudd, Exploring and Tasting Wine: A wine course with digressions.

Weekend wine Cider

When Julius Caesar invaded Britain, one of the fruits of his victory was cider, and indications are that throughout the world, cider has been around, like wine and beer, for thousands of years.