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Wine All The Time

Bubbles and Fizz

In a few short nights it will be New Year’s Eve, probably the biggest party night of the year in much of the world. It is a night of great celebration, and one of the single greatest associations we have with it is Champagne.

Holiday Suggestions

Turning to reds, two Italian offerings on the regular list offer great value at the lower end of the price scale. Pasqua ‘Villa Borghetti’ , $12.95, is in the Passimento style of Valpolicella Ripasso for $4 less per bottle.

Welcome, Colio!

On November 19 th , Colio Estate Vineyards opened its first shop in Northern Ontario in Pino’s Fresh Foods.

Beaujolais, Nouveau, and Novello

Long before “Movember”, the celebration in November wasn’t about Mustaches, but rather about the chance to drink the year’s first new wines.

Keeping the Good Earth Good

Keeping the Good Earth Good These days, there is a growing emphasis on the “organic” principle when it comes to food.

Ontario, and More

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Taste Ontario event held in Toronto.

What’s With the Turkey?

Thanksgiving is early this year, and as always, there’s a decision with regard to what to serve with the turkey, ham, or whatever you may be having for dinner. In recent years, we have enjoyed cranberry wine as a perfect fit with roast turkey.

The Other Game In Town

While the LCBO rules the roost when it comes to the sale of wines in Ontario , there are a couple of alternatives, aside from making your own.

Odds and Ends

There are always interesting little snippets of news or occurrences that are worth passing on, and so I thought I would devote this column to sharing some of them with you.

Decisions, Decisions…

Last week I was invited to pair wines for a party of 12 at the home of Marc and Pat Mousseau. In preparation, we got together to discuss the menu and determine wine preferences.