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Wine All The Time

The Other Game In Town

While the LCBO rules the roost when it comes to the sale of wines in Ontario , there are a couple of alternatives, aside from making your own.

Odds and Ends

There are always interesting little snippets of news or occurrences that are worth passing on, and so I thought I would devote this column to sharing some of them with you.

Decisions, Decisions…

Last week I was invited to pair wines for a party of 12 at the home of Marc and Pat Mousseau. In preparation, we got together to discuss the menu and determine wine preferences.

Old Mission

Stretching out into Lake Michigan, the Old Mission Peninsula forms the easterly arm of Grand Traverse Bay. The smaller of the two peninsulas, it has only a handful of wineries, but at three of them, the wines I tried were surprisingly good.

Into Michigan

Traverse City is a popular destination for people from the Sault, as it’s an easy get-away. I like it, too, because it has the nearest wineries.

Are You “Full-Bodied and Smooth”?

Recently, I sat down with Michael Fagan, Manager of the Knowledge Resources Group at the LCBO, to chat about what’s new at the LCBO.

Oh, Canada!

With Canada Day just around the corner, let’s talk Canadian wine. Practically speaking, we are limited to Ontario, as little else is available here. In the case of B.C.

Zin Zin Zin

Zin Zin Zin “Zin Today, Repent Tomorrow!” So reads one of my tee-shirts, typical of the ‘tongue in cheek’ associated with what is truly California’s grape, Zinfandel.

Wine all the time: A Portfolio Tasting

Last week I was in Toronto for a tasting of the wines of Churchill Cellars, one of many companies representing various wineries and producers here in Ontario.

Up The Road – A visit to the new LCBO

Truly, I wasn’t happy with the closure of the Churchill Plaza store. It was convenient for east-enders who could either drop in easily on their journeys “to and from” or combine a visit with other shopping in the area.