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Wine All The Time

Mid- February Celebrations

As we head into February with Valentine’s Day and Bon Soo on the near horizon, we will have lots of opportunity to celebrate with a wine.

Cycling to Spain

Well, this title is probably a little misleading, as it has nothing to do, really, with bicycles or motorcycles, but rather refers to the next Vintages release onJanuary 24 which focuses once again on Spanish wines, as was the case with the release e

Spotlight on Value

After the opulence of Christmas and New Year’s, and as the traditional January belt-tightening sets in - at least temporarily - the LCBO’s Vintages does its best to co-operate, and so, on January 10, it presents its “Smart Buys&rdqu

New Year's Bubbles

There is likely no other time of year more closely associated with champagne and other sparkling wines than New Year’s Eve.

Tis the Season

Last Sunday I arrived at the LCBO on Great Northern Road very shortly after they opened at noon, and the parking lot was already full – everyone is shopping in earnest for their celebratory beverages, and of course, they are checking off items

The Last Hurrah

The next Vintages Release, December 6, will be the last of the year, as traditionally the LCBO only has one release in December, no doubt a by-product of how busy they will become as we lead up to Christmas and New Year’s.

Sonoma Impressions

This past fall, I was able to spend time in Sonoma, California and, yes, I tasted wine. There are lots of memories, but a few stand out.

The world of Lozova Rakjia

I have just turned to a new page – though a very old one – in the realm of distilled spirits, one on which is written the name of a drink that has been crafted and enjoyed for hundreds of years in the Balkans, Lozovo Rakija .

Cellar work

Every harvest, wineries all over the world put out calls for people to assist in the heavy load of work that comes with bringing in the grapes and processing them into wine.

California sipping

As much as I enjoy tasting different wines, I also love talking with people in the wine business. Last week, in Santa Monica California, I attended a get-together where Tony Princiotta was pouring his wines.