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The Root of it All

Spring has Sprung!

The Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? The birds is on the wing, I heard, but that’s absurd! I thought the wing was on the bird! I had long believe that snippet was by Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson, but it doe

Too much STUFF! (Part 2)

Sometimes it really hits me that ours is such a wasteful society; not just in the amount of packaging we discard and garbage we produce, but in the sheer volume of stuff that is available for us to purchase.

Too much STUFF! (Part 1)

"By all means continue destroying my possessions," said Dumbledore serenely. "I daresay I have too many." Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , JK Rowling I know how Dumbledore must have felt… well, about having too many possessions.

The Root of All Evil

Have you ever wondered where all those phrases and saying that we use came from? It seems that everyone, from our parents and grandparents to teachers, friends, co-workers, and even strangers are never at a loss to share some snippet of wisdom with u

Perils of Being a Pedestrian

I’ve said before that the Sault is not a very pedestrian-friendly city. The reason for this is two-fold. First, there is limited access for pedestrians to the various malls and shopping centres.


I’ve been reading, on this site and elsewhere, comments regarding Al Gore, calling him "Al Bore" and referring to his documentary as "Inconvenient Lies," make me wonder if those making them have actually seen the documentary, or are just trying to be

Towards A Just Society.

Have you noticed how some people use the word "just" to excuse what would otherwise be considered inappropriate actions or unacceptable behaviour.

More controversy?

Since being given my own column at the first of the month I have posted 7 articles. Most have been single-topic pieces, while two were multiple-topic ramblings. All have been fairly well read, garnering from just over 500 to almost 1600 hits each.

Running… out of…gas

Those of us over forty remember the "energy crisis" of the late 70s.

That’s why bikes have knobbly tires, isn’t it?

There was some discussion earlier today in the Blue Room regarding people who, for whatever reason, choose to ride bikes in the winter. Personally, I won’t ride my bike if I have to wear gloves and a toque, whether there’s snow on the ground or not.