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The Doctor Game

Mae West knew when men were men

As a male, have you lost the “tiger-in-the-tank”? Possibly you are more irritable, suffer insomnia, have problems at work, lost height, lack energy and lack erections? Now you wonder if testosterone therapy is what’s needed to resto

Are people needlessly dying from ebola?

“Those who do not remember history are destined to relive it”, is an often quoted saying. But the great tragedy is that by failing to read history, researchers and doctors have, in the past, condemned millions to die from viral disease.

Death in the electronic age

Do you want to die at an early age? I doubt that many people would be willing to say “Yes” to this question.

Is it ADHD or a problem with the eye?

“I’ve just seen two images of the same person on the TV screen” my aging Mother complained years ago. She had developed double vision (DV).

Salt: Is too much causing autoimmune disease?

What comes crashing down with excessive salt? Dr Stephen Havas, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Maryland says, “The number of deaths from excess salt is equivalent to a commuter jet crashing every day in the U.S.

Burnout 101 for caregivers

Here’s a possible Trivial Pursuit question, “What’s the fastest growing unpaid profession in North America?” I admit I wouldn’t have known the answer.

What critics won't admit about vitamins and minerals

Are vitamin supplements safe? Do vitamins work? Are they necessary? Do they contain dangerous impurities? And, is what’s on the label actually in the vitamin? Lately, newspaper headlines have unleashed a rash of criticism about vitamins.

The dangers of summer

‘It’s summertime and the living is easy” is a favourite expression at this time of year. But health hazards don’t care what month it is. You can stub your toe at any time.

Defending cows

“Don’t buy any more butter”, I told my wife many years ago. I was a naïve young doctor at that time and I believed my cardiologist who advised the use of margarine instead to prevent heart attack.

Can lasers regenerate teeth?

Over 400 years ago, Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, realized the importance of sound teeth.