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The Doctor Game

Mad as hell over 'asinine bureaucracy'

Do you remember the movie, “Network?” Howard Beale portrays the evening news anchor on national TV and he’s depressed about corruption, crime, unemployment and other societal ills.

Losing keys may be a stomach, not a brain problem

Do you suffer from a sore mouth, fatigue, anemia, constipation, loss of appetite, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet, depression, confusion and poor memory? If so, a report from Tufts University School of Nutrition says there’s a possib

Fix the body's shock absorbers

What brings millions of North Americans to their knees late in life? Today, with an aging population many people now end their lives in wheelchairs due to brittle bones (osteoporosis) or are crippled by the pain of osteoarthritis, the wear and tear t

What's red and protects cardiovascular health?

For years we've been told that the Mediterranean diet, full of vegetables, is the way to guard against heart attack and stroke. But Gorge H.W. Bush, former president of the U.S., admitted he didn`t like broccoli.

How to stay safe in hospital

Luckily, I’ve only been admitted to hospital for surgery on two occasions, but when it happened I had serious concerns.

Not all lunatics are in the asylum

I’m often asked, “What have you learned as a medical journalist?” In one word “Plenty.

From 1600 to 400 calories in 40,000 years

How can we help to improve the health care system in this country? Politicians and others continue to debate this issue. They always conclude that more money is the answer, but this approach is doomed to failure.

Mae West knew when men were men

As a male, have you lost the “tiger-in-the-tank”? Possibly you are more irritable, suffer insomnia, have problems at work, lost height, lack energy and lack erections? Now you wonder if testosterone therapy is what’s needed to resto

Are people needlessly dying from ebola?

“Those who do not remember history are destined to relive it”, is an often quoted saying. But the great tragedy is that by failing to read history, researchers and doctors have, in the past, condemned millions to die from viral disease.

Death in the electronic age

Do you want to die at an early age? I doubt that many people would be willing to say “Yes” to this question.