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The Doctor Game

Gifford-Jones: Cholesterol and prison

Benjamin Disraeli, the distinguished British Prime Minister, once ridiculed an opposition member of parliament by saying, “He is distinguished by his ignorance for he only had one idea and that was wrong”.

Gifford-Jones: What Oscar knows that doctors don't

Years ago the family cat, usually aloof, suddenly decided to spend time on my father-in-law’s lap months before he died of pancreatic cancer.

Gifford-Jones: What you should know about Crohn's

How would you feel, at 18 years of age, if suddenly you were diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (CD)? It would be devastating news.

Gifford-Jones: Why surgeons need cockpit training

Would you buy an airplane ticket if the pilot refused to check his instrument panel before taking off? You’d probably would run for the woods, choose another airline or decide it’s safer to go by train.

Gifford-Jones: How to escape dinner invitations

“Where do most hernias occur?” Ask this question and nearly everyone will reply that a hernia is a mass that occurs in the lower abdomen. But most are unaware there’s another location for the common hernia.

Gifford Jones: Want a Shock? High Cholesterol for Longer Life

A recent medical tip to readers sparked a quick reaction. It reported a study that those with higher blood cholesterol lived longer! This is contradictory to everything we’ve been told for years.

Gifford Jones: Stroke Update: What's Missing will Cost Lives

Every year 650,000 North Americans suffer a lethal stroke, or one that leads to debilitating mental or physical problems.

Gifford-Jones: Magnesium: Protection from undertakers

In 1979 Dr. David Chipperfield reported a finding in the British Medical Journal, Lancet. He had discovered that patients suffering from angina pain had low blood levels of magnesium.

Gifford-Jones: Living will: make it a legal document

“Eureka”! Finally, in 2015, The Supreme Court of Canada has decided unanimously, what it should have passed years ago. It’s declared that doctor- assisted voluntary euthanasia (DAVE) isn’t an illegal act.

Gifford-Jones: 'Darling, do I have permission to sleep with 20 other women?'

Hmmm… Why wasn’t this study done 70 years ago when I was young with an abundance of testosterone? This was my first reaction to a report in the journal, Cancer Epidemiology.