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The Doctor Game

Gifford-Jones: Sarcopenia - a needless path to a wheelchair

What’s the worst health problem that can happen to you? I’m sure many readers would say cancer, stroke or Alzheimer’s Disease. I agree these are all frightful diseases. But there’s another one that occurs gradually as we age.

Gifford-Jones: So you know how to detect poison mushrooms?

“Are you sure you know how to identify poisonous mushrooms?” I asked my neighbour. He assured me he had studied differences in this fungus and had been picking them for years.

Gifford-Jones: Do I need cataract surgery?

Do I get a lot of E-mail? Yes, tons of it. Do I get letters? Practically never, particularly those without a return address, so I was surprised by a recent one. All I know is the writer lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, and is elderly.

Gifford-Jones: Reader' Reaction to Self-Inflicted Disease

Recently I asked readers to respond to the column, “Want to be a Millionaire?” I received a ton of mail.

Gifford-Jones: Surgery for swinging-door heart valves

Mitral valve surgery can best be described by comparison to the swinging saloon door in old western movies. It demonstrates what can go wrong with the heart’s valves. And what surgical procedure is needed to correct mitral valve prolapse (MVP).

Gifford-Jones: The darkness hormone

"Do you think melatonin is of any value?" a doctor recently asked me. So if a doctor is wondering about this natural remedy, there must be many patients who are asking the same question.

Gifford-Jones How necessary are dental X-rays?

What should you do the next time the dentist tells you he or she is going to take full dental X-rays? A new study shows that just as porcupines make love very, very carefully, you should also take care to limit the amount of radiation exposure during

Gifford-Jones: Burnout 101 for caregivers

Here's a possible Trivial Pursuit question, "What's the fastest growing unpaid profession in North America?" I admit I wouldn't have known the answer. But, according to the "Family Caregiver Alliance", more than 65.

Gifford-Jones: Want to be a millionaire?

What would I do if I wanted to be rich? I'd start a class action suit against food companies for their role in creating "the perfect storm", the three major epidemics in this country.

Gifford-Jones: Is there a safe way to take calcium?

Is there anything sacred anymore? For years researchers have stressed that people are not getting sufficient calcium to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones).