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The Doctor Game

Gifford Jones: No more prime rib and mashed potatoes?

Why is it that so many things are bad for you these days? We know that too much sugar, salt and calories are a bad combination for longevity. Now, the health publication, Nutrition Action, says red meat increases the risk of several major diseases.

Gifford-Jones: What's my dream on my 40th?

To dream of what might be is a good thing. Martin Luther King had a great dream but only some of his dream has been realized. The U.S.

Gifford-Jones: Does your doctor always know best?

Faced with a medical decision, patients normally allow their doctor to decide on treatment, assuming he or she “always knows best." But “Consumer Report on Health” claims that this approach rarely works anymore.

Gifford-Jones Wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong patient surgery

Are you scheduled for surgery? If so, there are ways to circumvent horrendous surgical errors. We’ve all heard stories about surgeons amputating the wrong leg. Or fixing a hernia on the side that didn’t need it.

Gifford-Jones: In Europe nobody chides 'We know where you're going'

Have you ever heard of UTI (urinary tract infection) Drops? I doubt it, as these natural herbal drops have just recently been imported from Europe to treat troublesome, acute and chronic E Coli urinary tract infection.

Gifford-Jones What would I want for my final meal?

In Thunder Bay, Ontario, recently, while giving a talk, I suddenly found my mouth watering. I mentioned that I was just 150 miles away from Quetico Park where I had spent two months alone years ago doing fish research.

Gifford Jones: Cutting back on drugs cured a retired minister

What’s the response that shocks me most during my many speaking tours? It’s the huge combination of drugs swallowed by many North Americans. Equally amazing, most people have no idea why they’re taking them.

Gifford-Jones A pink pill for female sexual equality

George Carlin, the American comedian, when referring to God, once remarked, “He, and if there is a God, I am convinced he is a he, because no woman could or would screw things up this badly”.

Gifford Jones: Why colonoscopy is good for the Queen. And you

How foolish some people are. Even when it means dying from a large bowel cancer at an early age. I've seen it happen many times over the years. So here are 10 points that can prevent this needless tragedy.

Gifford Jones: The hypocrisy around assisted death

How can you learn to become a hypocrite? It’s easy. Take a course in Politics 101, then get elected to parliament. This will make it easy to postpone matters that demand instant attention.