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Outdoors in Algoma

<b>Outdoors:</b> Why boondocking is top secret

Outdoors: Why boondocking is top secret

To all corners of this great country, boondocking means no fresh water, no electricity or sewer utilities while camping in an RV.

Outdoors: Five great couple winter getaways in Algoma

Sometimes we just need a break from the daily routines of our lives. Sure, a tropical holiday is always a nice rest but it's not always easy to get away that far for that long. Forget the sun and surf.

Outdoors: Tips to catch fish during first and last ice

"If You're Not First, You're Last" Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking forward to the next big event. When fishing is in your blood, opening day is a big deal.

Outdoors: Six perfect gifts made in Algoma

Give the gift of Algoma! These products are perfect for any occasion and anyone: family, friends, coworkers or the boss, business events (think guest speakers), birthdays, Christmas and Secret Santa games, anniversaries, weddings (think bridal party

Outdoors: Best flies and patterns to catch bass, pike and trout

What makes Algoma a true paradise for fly fishers is the abundance of pristine lakes, crystal-clear rivers, variety of species and opportunities that are both easy to access and affordable.

Outdoors: Pro tips for fishin' in the salad

Aquatic weed growth can either be viewed as an "angler's blessing" or an "angling nightmare" depending on how this common fishing scenario is approached.

Outdoors: A rich cultural resource within the Sault

A very rich cultural island teaming with history, flora and fauna lies within Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario just below the International Bridge with the St. Marys rapids flowing through it.

Outdoors: Watson's Kaby Lodge, a diamond in the 'rough'

As I write this story, I can't help but reminisce about the great time our group had at Watson's Kaby Lodge.

Outdoors: Catching trophy-sized bass, pike and trout

For those that love to fly fish for northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout and even brook trout -- there is a special place to go called Northern Walleye Lodge.

Outdoors: One of Ontario's premier walleye destinations

Betty Watson McGie runs one of the oldest and most respected fishing lodges in Ontario's Algoma Country. Her father Dick Watson Sr., started the business in 1946 after returning home from WWII.