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The allure of fall photography

Some helpful tips for better fall shots are highlighted in this week's Outdoors in Algoma

With the onset of fall colours across our northern landscape comes a prime opportunity for outdoor shooting. Like any worthwhile pursuit it takes time to work successfully with all the elements of photography. But those of us who spend time among the autumn woods and waters know that it’s time well spent.

There’s never a bad time to take photographs in Algoma Country. The abundance of forests, lakes, and rivers join forces with the rolling mountains of an abrupt landscape to offer endless opportunity for riveting outdoor photography.

Add the myriad brilliant colour to this broad and diverse landscape, and autumn emerges as one of the best times to hunt for captivating images.

Whether we live amongst the brilliant reds of sugar maples, or the pronounced yellows of aspen and tamarack accenting the boreal forest farther north, here are some tips for capturing great autumn images.

- James Smedley

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